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Discount Camera Film Fuji Film, Kodak Film, Discontinued Specialty Films & More!

In an increasingly digital world it can be difficult to find your favorite specialty films or even to get discount 35mm film or black and white camera film. We stock hundreds of types of Fuji film (including Fuji 35mm film), Kodak film and the increasingly hard to find Polaroid film. Whether you need an obscure Polaroid sheet film or a pro-pack of Fuji Velvia, or discounted bulk Kodak film, eCamera Films making buying camera film easier and less expensive than ever.

Our specialty films include medical film, black and white camera film, transparency film, Polaroid instant film and more. Additionally, we offer closeout prices on bulk film from common films like Kodak Gold to professional films like Kodak UltraColor.

Interested in Polaroid instant photography? Be sure to check out our selection of cameras and accessories for Polaroid films.